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1st of October 2020

Introducing Survey Preview

Use the survey preview to see what your survey looks like, as well as test it end-to-end.

28th of September 2020

The right questions for customer feedback surveys

Writing good customer feedback survey questions is not difficult, but there are a few important things to keep into account.

23rd of September 2020

Introducing Custom Emojis

You can now select custom emojis for all emoji surveys.

16th of September 2020

Why our widget doesn't have a Powered By label

You've probably seen it many times: the Powered By label. Freddy's widget does not show such a label. Here's why.

4th of September 2020

Introducing Custom Fields

Custom fields are a powerful way to enrich responses with data that is relevant to your business.

24th of August 2020

Get feedback on your landing page

Get feedback on your product, messaging and pricing on your landing page. Here's the do's and dont's.

10th of August 2020

What is a Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) score?

It's simply about how you ask the question. In this case you'll measure whether customers were satisfied with a certain experience or task.

9th of August 2020

What is a customer effort score (CES)?

It's simply about how you ask the question. In this case you'll measure how much effort it takes to complete a task.

6th of August 2020

Introducing Webhooks

Connect incoming feedback to your own application.

5th of August 2020

The story behind Freddy's Emojis

Noticed that our feedback emojis have a unique style? We do this to be consistent, because emojis normally are not.

2nd of August 2020

How to improve your customer onboarding with a feedback survey

When it comes to onboarding, all you have to do is ask.

25th of July 2020

Alternatives to the standard NPS question

Are you looking for an alternative to the standard 'How likely are you to recommend?' question? Look no further.

24th of July 2020

Why we don't have exit intent as a survey trigger

Did you ever get a popup when you were about to close a tab? That's called 'exit intent', and we don't offer it as a survey trigger. Here's why.