Feedback widget with a question only

Published on the 28th of January 2021

Most feedback widgets ask their users for a score using emojis or stars. But sometimes all you need is one answer to one question. For that use case we've added question only surveys.

Choose your survey type

When creating a new survey you can now choose between the categories score + optional question and question only.

When to use the question only survey

Most of the time you'll want to collect a score. But the question only survey can be useful in very specific feedback scenarios. For instance: you put a button in your user dashboard saying 'Report a bug'. When a user clicks the button you show the widget where the user can directly describe the issue. In this case it's less relevant to collect a score but very useful for users to directly let you know what's wrong. Like with all surveys, you can choose to give users the option to add a screen capture.

More information

You can read more about all the options when creating a survey here.

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