The story behind Freddy's Emojis

Published on the 5th of August 2020

We want to make sure that our emojis look the same on every device and platform. If we would use emojis that your device would show, that wouldn't be possible.

Feedback Emoji Angry Face Feedback Emoji Frowning Face Feedback Emoji Smiling Face Feedback Emoji Grinning Face with Smiling Eyes Feedback Emoji Smiling Face with Heart Eyes

This is because behind every emoji, there is a Unicode code. Every device and operating system can translate that code into the right emoji. So when you send an emoji to someone, you're actually sending the Unicode and the receiving device translates it into an emoji again.

Different emoji styles

But that also surfaces a problem: if you view an emoji on an iPhone and the same emoji on a Samsung phone, they often look different.

Take a look at these examples. These are all the same emoji standard, just on a different platform:

Apple Google Samsung Microsoft
Big Smile Emoji Big Smile • Apple style Emoji Big Smile • Google style Emoji Big Smile • Samsung style Emoji Big Smile • Microsoft style
Party Emoji Party • Apple style Emoji Party • Google style Emoji Party • Samsung style Emoji Party • Microsoft style
Heart Eyes Emoji Heart Eyes • Apple style Emoji Heart Eyes • Google style Emoji Heart Eyes • Samsung style Emoji Heart Eyes • Microsoft style

Emojis don't always look different though, because to add to the confusion some apps use their own emoji style so they look the same in that app for both the sender and the receiver. Whatsapp does this for example.

Freddy's emojis

Because Freddy Feedback is made for websites, and these websites are viewed across many different devices, operating systems and browsers, we chose a specific emoji style so that it will look consistent across every device. So the emojis you pick, are the same ones that you'll customer will see.

You can read more about the emoji survey here.


If you're feeling adventurous have a look at Emojipedia, for example the page for the smiling face with heart eyes. Look at all those styles!

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