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Published on the 24th of August 2020

A landing page is often used by solo founders and startups to validate an idea, product or feature. Or it's specifically designed for a new product as an addition to an existing product. Either way, in those phases of your business it's crucial to collect feedback from your visitors and potential customers. We'll show you some tips and tricks on how to do this with Freddy Feedback.

Don't use the side sticky widget

This version of the widget is where there is an always visible 'Feedback' label that sticks to the side of the page. The use case is that customers always have a place to give feedback when they get stuck or find something really delightful. And that's also the reason why we advice not to use this widget for landing pages: it requires your visitors to actively think about feedback and take action by themselves.

For established products and services this is great: customers can give feedback when they want and need to.

But in the case of a landing page you want to get as much feedback as possible, so we have to nudge visitors a little so they're more likely to give feedback. We can do this by using the bottom sticky widget with various ways of triggering it and by using the inline widget.

Timing is everything

With a bottom sticky widget you can trigger the widget in the following ways:

  • Directly after the customer landed on your page (best for testing your above the fold message)
  • After the customer has scrolled down the page a certain percentage (best for testing a specific part of the message)
  • After a certain amount of seconds (best for testing the above the fold / first part of your message
  • Programmatically (best for testing after a very specific user interaction).

An example of the programmatic trigger is the live demo widget that we have on our homepage, it's triggered programmatically when you click the button. It only requires a few lines of code.


The third version that we have is the inline widget. This widget will be displayed within your content. This is a nice way of getting feedback on part of the content that the user is currently looking at. Put it next to your pricing and every visitor has a direct way of telling you what they think about those tiers.

You'll see an example at the bottom of this blog post: it's in the right position because you've just read this post.


If you have a landing page, or if you're still working on one, and you would like us to help define what works best just get in touch. We're always happy to help you get feedback in a way that works best for your customers and for you.

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