How to improve your customer onboarding with a feedback survey

Published on the 2nd of August 2020

The generic rule is the less steps in your customer onboarding the better, but often there are still a lot of things happening behind the scenes: account creation, company profile creation, events are fired, payment details are submitted, etc. We enjoy the topic of onboarding, and especially how you can make it better.

Getting feedback on the customer onboarding is mostly a qualitative feedback strategy. You probably don't (although we hope you do!) have hundreds of customers onboarding every day. But that doesn't really matter, because imagine that just one customer tells you:

I found it really confusing that I had to do X

Then you look into X and improve it. It will make it better for all those customers that sign up after this one.

Feedback on auto-pilot

Bottom sticky

A bottom sticky widget, triggered directly when the customer lands in your logged in environment is perfect for this kind of feedback. Then you just let it run and every time you look at your Freddy dashboard you'll have real insights from real users. That's feedback and improvements on auto-pilot!


The inline widget is displayed within your content. It's most used for getting feedback on blog posts, FAQs and documentation but you can easily integrate it in the customer journey. Put it in one specific step so when customers get stuck or want to give other feedback they have a direct way of doing this.

Cooldown logic

Note that in your survey settings you can set that the widget is not shown to customer after they've filled out a response or after they've closed the widget without filling out a response. Make sure that you enable this, because showing surveys should'nt become something annoying.

Side sticky widget

If you want you can always have a 'Feedback' label that's always displayed on the side of your page. Just note that here the number of responses you'll get will be lower vs when you trigger a bottom sticky widget.

More examples

Have a look at our examples page for more details on how and when to use Freddy's widgets to get insights into your customer onboarding.

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