Introducing Custom Fields

Published on the 4th of September 2020

Today we're introducing custom fields, a powerful way to enrich responses with data that is relevant to your business.

Why custom fields?

All our customers understand the need for embedding customer feedback into their business. Freddy helps them with closing the feedback loop, so they can turn every customer into a happy customer.

But every of our customers has different data that is relevant to them. A user ID because the user is logged in, an email address because it was just filled out, a 'paying user' flag that indicates whether the user is on a paid plan, a signed up timestamp to indicate how long the user has been with them, the list goes on.

With custom fields, you can attach any data that is relevant to your business to responses that your visitors and customers are sending in.

Custom field data in the dashboard

When a response with custom fields comes in it will show up in your dashboard like you're used to. You'll see the custom fields right below the score and comment that the customer has submitted.

Custom Fields for a response

Setting up

Setting up will take just a few minutes. First, you'll create your custom fields in your survey settings:

Custom Fields settings

After that, you can attach the data:{
    custom_fields: {
        user_id: 42,
        email: ''

And that's it. There are a few important points and details, so for more background information please see the documentation.

Closing the feedback loop

Custom fields are available in webhooks so you can close the feedback loop on auto-pilot.


Custom fields are available from today for all plans to all new and existing customers.

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