Introducing Survey Preview

Published on the 1st of October 2020

Today we've launched survey preview. Use it to see what your survey looks like, as well as test it end-to-end.

The survey preview lets you see your survey exactly as how it would show up on your own website including all details like emojis, text and theme. Responses are stored and you can even use it to test webhooks.

Where to find it

Under your survey title you'll find a 'preview' link. Clicking this link will take you to the survey preview. You'll always directly see your widget (regardless of trigger settings):

Survey preview page

You can fill out and submit a response. Click reload to bring up the widget again and repeat as many times as you like!

Responses are stored and you can find them in your dashboard. They'll be labeled with a 'Preview' badge:

Survey preview page

Sharing the survey preview

You can share this preview with team members, even if they don't have an account for Freddy Feedback. You can change the sharing options by going to the survey preview and clicking on 'Show details and options'. Note that only super admins and admins can change this sharing setting.

More details

For all the details on the survey preview mode, head over to the documentation.

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