All Freddy updates in 2020

Published on the 7th of January 2021

We only started halfway through the year, but what an incredible year 2020 was. It began with Freddy being the #3 product of the day on Product Hunt and from there we never stopped shipping new features and improvements. So in the 'looking back' spirit, here's a list of all of them with our favorite ones marked with emojis ✅

Dashboard updates

  • 💬 New design for responses with browser and device info, share to Slack and copy comments
  • Filter responses by the URL they were submitted from
  • Set your local timezone for displaying response dates
  • Speed improvements
  • 📧 Survey summary and individual response emails to get a summary of your survey activity and/or receive every response by email
  • 👀 Survey preview in the dashboard to see what your customers would see and easily adjust where needed
  • Slack integration to receive responses in Slack and easily share them with your team

Developer updates

  • 🔌 Webhooks to integrate responses into your own business logic
  • Local testing mode to test surveys before you put them on production
  • {} Custom Fields to send any data that is relevant to your business with each response like a user's email address or user ID

Widget updates

  • Design and layout updates and improvements
  • Speed improvements
  • 📺 Screen Capture OK this one landed in 2021 but we started the work in 2020 so it still counts 😃. Enable screen capture to let your customers take a capture of your webpage and use a pen tool to indicate what their feedback is about
  • 🥳 Custom Emojis to make the emojis fit your brand
  • We rewrote the cooldown logic to use localStorage instead of cookies


  • 📚 Multiple documentation articles and a new documention overview design
  • 👩🏽‍💻 New website design (well, multiple in 2020 actually 😅)
  • New pages to explain some core features in more detail

What's coming in 2021?

Screen Capture was our latest feature and marks a clear direction towards Freddy expanding on being the best feedback tool. Of course we are a feedback tool already, but there's a split in feedback tools and survey tools.

We are not going to be a survey tool but a feedback tool (there are many great survey tools out there already) because we see that this category still needs a lot of work. We have some great ideas on how to take this all to the next level. More news on how we're going to tackle this in 2021!

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