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Website Feedback Tool: a modern, lightweight and powerful approach

Published on the 14th of December 2020

Since we've launched Freddy Feedback we've added quite a few features. So we thought it would be good to write a small summary of where we are with our feedback tool and how you can use it to build better products.

Simple and minimal

Many tools out there require your customers to answer multiple questions, go through multiple steps or even to create an account before being able to answer.

Freddy Feedback is minimal by design: you ask for a score and optionally you ask one question. This keeps it easy for your customers to give feedback, and thus response rates are higher and customers are happier. You'll be amazed what insights you'll gather!

5 star survey widget

Get feedback using emojis

The 5 star survey still works great, but emojis are a fun way to collect feedback.

Especially when you have an informal, fun and open brand it's fun for your customers to express what they think about your product or content. They use them every day on their phone, so why not use them to get feedback?

Choose from multiple emojis, both in regular and animated version

Feedback Animated Emoji Angry Face Feedback Animated Emoji Smiling Face Feedback Animated Emoji Crying Face Feedback Animated Emoji Smiling Face Feedback Animated Emoji Frowning Face Feedback Animated Emoji Unamused Face Feedback Animated Emoji Smiling Face Feedback Animated Emoji Smiling Face Feedback Animated Emoji Smiling Face Feedback Animated Emoji Grinning Face with Smiling Eyes Feedback Animated Emoji Smiling Face with Heart Eyes Feedback Animated Emoji Smiling Face with Hearts Feedback Animated Emoji Smiling Face with Heart Eyes Feedback Animated Emoji Star Struck

Survey types

You can collect feedback using these 3 widget types:

Bottom sticky — pops open on the bottom of the page and 'sticks'. Mostly used to get product, dashboard and feature feedback.

Inline — displayed within your website content. Mostly used to get content feedback (docs, blog, FAQs, etc).

Side sticky — Get a 'Feedback' label that sticks to the side of your page. Mostly used to get user dashboard feedback.

As you can see, what type to use depends on how and where you want to collect feedback. We're always happy to help you define your feedback strategy!

If you're curious about how our customers collect feedback, have a look at the examples page.

Stay in the loop

A feedback widget is step 1, a dashboard to analyze your feedback is step 2, but the most important thing is of course to stay on top and take action based on the feedback you're receiving.

With Freddy Feedback you'll get a summary email every Monday for each of your surveys. It will give you a quick overview of the latest scores and comments.

On top of that you can receive every single response in an email or directly in Slack. This way you can take action, share feedback with your team and build better products and content.

Powerful features

"Packed, but still light" is how we like to describe our feature set. If you're curious about all of them then make sure to visit our features page.

But there's one we would like to highlight, which is one of our most powerful features. It's called custom fields, and it lets you attach any data that you like to a response.

For instance, you can attach the customer's email address and when you then view your feedback in your Freddy dashboard, you'll see the customer's email address. So you're on top of feedback, and you can also directly respond!

Customer feedback response with custom fields

Getting started

We offer a free 30 day trial, no credit card required. Try it out, see what your customers tell you and decide for yourself if this feedback is valuable.

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