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Discord notifications

Connect Freddy Feedback to your Discord server so you're always on top of customer feedback.

The integration

You can set for each survey that its responses are sent to a channel in Discord. This way you'll always be on top of new responses and it makes it easier to share customer feedback with your team.

Step 1: create a webhook

You can do this in Discord by following their instructions here.

Step 2: enable for your surveys

Go to the survey of which you want the responses to be sent to Discord and then to Notifications. Turn the feature on with the toggle and paste the webhook URL that you created in the previous step.

That's all! You'll now receive responses directly in Discord.


When using the survey preview, responses will also be sent to Discord. We'll mark these so you can see that they came from the preview and not from customers.

What's included in the message

In short: everything that you see in the Freddy dashboard as well. So that's custom fields, screen captures, device info, the URL the response was submitted from, etc.

Removing the integration

Just turn off the toggle in the Notification settings. You can optionally remove the webhook URL if you like, but only turning off the toggle is sufficient.

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