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Installing the widget on

Getting feedback on your landing page is crucial in any stage, but especially in the early stages. The fact that you're reading this documentation page means that you're probably made the right choice getting feedback on your landing page ;-). Here's how you install Freddy Feedback on your landing page.

Step 1: create a survey

Create a survey first. Each survey has a code snippet that we need for the following steps. No worries if you're not a developer, there is no coding required. After creating a survey, go to the Installation tab where you'll find the code snippet. You can easily copy it by pressing the button 'Copy code' next to it.

Step 2: paste the code snippet

In your Landen dashboard in the top menu go to Integrations, scroll down and then under Header code paste the code snippet.

That's it, you've just created a direct feedback loop from your visitors to you!

Optional step 3: paste the second code snippet (only if you use the inline widget)

Go to your Freddy dashboard and copy the code snippet that's in the Installation tab under step 2, or just copy it here: <div id="fyfk-widget"></div>. Then in your Landen dashboard you can paste it wherever you want it to show up in your content. You can paste it in any title or content field where you normally type text.

Want to test the widget?

Check out this article to see how you can easily test the widget.

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