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Local testing mode

You might want to check what the widget looks like in your local environment first. This is how you can easily do this.

Enabling local testing mode

After creating a survey, go to your Survey and then to Settings > Advanced. Here you can turn on the local testing mode.

Important note

As you'll see from the warning, local testing mode bypasses the domain checks. This means that with local testing mode on, anyone could copy your widget code and put it on their website.

Make sure to turn local testing mode off before you put the widget on your production website.

Widget behaviour in local testing mode

The widget will behave exactly the same as on production: if you submit a response it will be stored (you'll see your local URL as the source URL in the responses) and it will also use the cooldown logic that you've set.

We suggest turning the cooldown logic off when using local testing mode.

Don't want to store your test responses?

If you don't want your responses to be stored when submitting them in your local environment, make sure to add ?freddywidget=test to the URL where you're displaying the widget. This parameter will make sure that no responses are stored, it will bypass the cooldown logic and the widget will always be triggered directly. Read more about this URL parameter here.

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