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Screen Capture

With this feature your users can add a screen capture to their response, so you can easily see what their feedback is about.

How to use

There is not much more to it than to just flick the switch!

If you've turned this option on in your survey settings, your users will see a screen capture button in the widget. When clicking this button they enter the screen capture mode. In here they can submit the page as is, or use a pen tool to draw on the screen to highlight what their feedback is about.

Try it out

Simply enable screen capture in your survey settings and then go to the survey preview where you can test it.

Screen captures in the dashboard

Your can find the screen capture for each response in the Responses tab. You'll see a little thumbnail on the response that you can click to view the full version.

Customer feedback response with screen capture

From the dropdown on a response you can also copy the URL to the screen capture, so you can use and share it in other places.


Of course the web page, which is your web page, will be captured and not your user's other pages or windows. We can only capture the web page.

Capturing a webpage in a way that it works on every browser and device is difficult. We've worked to hard to ensure that this works, but there are a few small details that are good to know. However, these will almost never prevent you from understanding what your user is talking about!

  • The screen capture can be a little bit blurry
  • Some CSS properties will not be properly rendered, like box-shadow, filter and zoom

If you ever encounter any issues just reach out and we'll look into it.

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