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Slack integration

Connect Freddy Feedback to your Slack workspace so you're always on top of customer feedback.

The integration

Once activated, you can set for each survey that its responses are sent to a channel in Slack. This way you'll always know about and see responses and it makes it easier to share customer feedback with your team.

Step 1: connect to Slack

Go to integrations in your dashboard and activate the integration. The permissions that are asked are needed to:

  • Get a list of your public channels so you can select one to post responses to
  • Get a list of private channels that you've added Freddy Feedback to. Only when you've manually added Freddy Feedback in Slack (see instructions below). We can not see all your private channels, only the ones you invited Freddy Feedback to.
  • Post messages in these channels

Step 1: enable for your surveys

Go to the survey of which you want the responses to be sent to Slack, then to Settings and then Notifications. Turn the feature on with the toggle and follow the steps to select a channel that you want to receive the responses in.

Receiving responses in a public channel

Just select the channel from the channel dropdown.

Receiving responses in a private channel

First, invite the Freddy Feedback bot to the private channel you want to receive the responses in. You can do this by going to the private channel and typing /invite @Freddy Feedback. After doing this you can select this private channel from the channel dropdown.

That's all! You'll now receive responses directly in Slack.


When using the survey preview, responses will also be sent to Slack. We'll mark these so you can see that they came from the preview and not from customers.

Custom fields

If you're using custom fields, they will automatically be included in the Slack messages.

Removing the integration

If you want to remove the integration, follow these steps:

  • Go to Slack and in your sidebar scroll down to Apps
  • While hovering over Apps you'll see a plus sign, click it to browse all apps
  • From the next screen click on Freddy Feedback
  • Go to the About tab and click on Configuration
  • On the page where you've landed, scroll all the way down and click Remove app
  • You can always re-add the app via the integrations page in your Freddy Feedback dashboard (find it by clicking on your name in the top right)

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