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Category: surveys

Survey preview

Use the survey preview to see what your survey looks like and test the full survey experience.

To open the survey preview, go to a survey and right under the survey title click on 'preview'.

A few important points on how this works:

  • Responses will show up in your survey dashboard and will be marked with a 'Preview' label
  • If you submit a response or close the widget and you want to reopen it, click on the 'Reload' button
  • The widget will always be triggered directly, regardless of your trigger settings
  • The cooldown logic is ignored so you can test as much as you like
  • If enabled, you'll receive a response email (check your Survey Settings -> Notifications)
  • If enabled, you'll receive a Slack message (check your Survey Settings -> Notifications)
  • If enabled, Webhooks will be sent (more details below)
  • Preview mode will still work if your survey is set to paused

Sharing the survey preview

Please note that the survey preview should not be shared publicly, as it's for preview purposes only. You can however share the link with team members, even if they don't have an account. Super admins and admins will be able to change the sharing setting from the survey preview page. Click on 'Show details and options' to change this setting.

Webhooks and the survey preview

If you've enabled a webhook and set a valid webhook URL, the response data will be sent to your webhook URL when you submit a response from the survey preview. This is useful if you want to test your webhooks. The webhook data will contain a boolean is_preview parameter so you can distinguish between preview and regular responses. You can read more about webhooks here.

Response limits

Responses submitted through the preview mode will not be counted towards your plan's response limits, unless you use this too exessively. If in doubt, please get in touch.

Testing the widget on your website

Once you've installed the widget on your own website, there is also a testing mode available. This is useful to double-check whether everything is working correctly on your live/production website. To read more about this, see this documentation article.

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