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Documentation feedback

It's difficult to improve your documentation if you don't know what your users think about it. Did they understand the info? Are they missing something? What do they want to see next?

Improve your (technical) documentation on auto-pilot by collecting user feedback.

Freddy Feedback

Know what your users think about your content

Feature feedback examples

There is no replacement for users telling you what they think. Get insights based on real user feedback.

Informed decisions

Our dashboard gives you all the information in one simple view. Sort, segment and view trends easily.

For any workflow

From analyzing comments to webhook automation: it's all insights on auto-pilot.

Pick a survey type and style that fits your audience

Go for friendly and playful emojis, a more traditional 5 star survey or a thumbs up/down rating.

Ask a simple question that will give insights where you should improve your content

Feedback Emoji Thumbs Up Feedback Emoji Thumbs Down
Thumbs up/down
Feedback Emoji Crying Face Feedback Emoji Unamused Face Feedback Emoji Smiling Face Feedback Emoji Grinning Face with Smiling Eyes Feedback Emoji Smiling Face with Heart Eyes
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Choose from 14 different versions

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5 star rating

Delightful for your users


Elegant, minimal design


Customize to fit your needs


Get a lot for less


These companies improve their docs based on user feedback

ApolloGraphQL documentation feedback

Apollo GraphQL

Combine APIs, databases, and microservices into a single data graph that you can query with GraphQL.

Widget type

Bottom sticky, triggered programmatically, dark theme


5 star

See it live

See it live on their docs page here (click on 'Rate article')

AppSignal documentation feedback


Five monitoring tools merged into one.

Widget type




See it live

See it live on their docs page here (scroll down to see it)

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Slack integration

Receive survey responses directly in Slack and easily share them with the relevant team.

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Custom fields

Enrich responses with relevant data like an article title or user ID.

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  custom_fields: {
    user_id: 42,
    email: ""

More information

Every documentation setup is different. We've been around the block on the topic of user feedback, so feel free to send us an email if you have any questions on implementation or features.

Otherwise, feel free to sign up and get started. No credit card is required, and you can try it completely free first.

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Improve your documentation based on user feedback

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