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Freddy Feedback • Customer Feedback Tool

Freddy Feedback is a tool to get feedback from your customers.

Use it to get feedback on anything that you communicate to them:

Landing page
Blog posts

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your visitors and customers.

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Freddy Feedback

Driving Tests

Uses Freddy to get feedback on

E-learning material

"Loving the design and attention to detail, not easy to find these days!"


Uses Freddy to get feedback on

Website content

"Freddy provides a constant stream of feedback that we translate into new features."


Uses Freddy to get feedback on

Product information

"Finally a direct link from my website visitors to me. Incredibly useful."


Three popular examples of how our customers use the widget.



Useful for: blog posts, FAQs, documentation

Put the widget at the bottom of your content and get insights into which articles, docs or FAQs are appreciated and which need to be improved.

Was this FAQ helpful?

Feedback Emoji Thumbs Up Feedback Emoji Thumbs Down

Thumbs up/down emoji



Side sticky

Useful for: full website feedback

Triggered by a feedback button on the side of your page. Get a constant insight into where visitors and customers get happy and get stuck.

Let us know what you think

Feedback Emoji Angry Face Feedback Emoji Frowning Face Feedback Emoji Smiling Face Feedback Emoji Grinning Face with Smiling Eyes Feedback Emoji Smiling Face with Heart Eyes

5 scale animated emoji


Bottom sticky

Useful for: customer journey feedback

Trigger the widget in a specific moment in the customer journey to get targeted feedback. Examples: post-purchase, after viewing a video or after performing an action.

How was your onboarding experience?

Star rating Star rating Star rating Star rating Star rating

5 scale star in dark theme

Dig deeper with a follow-up question

After the initial question you can optionally ask a follow-up question so visitors and customers give detailed feedback.

Next, let's have a look at the dashboard.

Feedback Widget

Shameless self-promotion ;-)

Simple and powerful

The dashboard shows you all feedback in one simple overview. See how feedback progresses over time and do a deep dive where needed.

Customer Feedback Dashboard Overview
Customer Feedback Survey Details

Key metrics

Instantly see a summary of the survey's performance.

Trend analysis

Graph view of your customer sentiment over time.

Power search

Find comments with certain keywords for a deep dive.


Invite team members to the dashboard.

How is Freddy Feedback different?

Most companies
Freddy Feedback


Most companies

Offer a range of tools with complex dashboards that you pay for but don't use

Freddy Feedback

A simple tool that shows you where you're doing well and where you need to improve


Most companies

Include heavy libraries, show 'Powered by' labels and in our humble opinion are stuck in the '90s

Freddy Feedback

Freddy's widget is lightweight, we never show a 'Powered by' label and we have fresh themes


Most companies

Start at $35 per month or more, and give you only a few hundred responses

Freddy Feedback

Because we apply focus, our prices are low and our response amounts are high

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