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Get setup in minutes and collect feedback for 30 days completely free. Then decide whether your customer's feedback is valuable enough.

Both plans get:

All features

30 day free trial

Full customer support



Per month

Start for free

No credit card required


1000 per month


Unlimited websites

Unlimited surveys

Unlimited users



Per month

Start for free

No credit card required


100 per month


Max 3 websites

Unlimited surveys

Unlimited users


Can I try Freddy Feedback for free?

Yes, all plans come with a free trial, no credit card required.

Can the widget be in another language than English?

You can define every word that shows in the widget, including the 'Submit' button text, so you can use any language.

Can I use multiple websites?

Create widgets for as many websites as you like! We only look at number of responses during the trial and in the Pro plan. The startup plan can use up to 3 websites.

Is Freddy mobile friendly?

Yes, all widgets scale nicely on every browser and device.

What happens when I hit my response limit?

Your surveys will stop storing responses. The monthly response limit resets every month.

Can I get more monthly/total responses?

We are happy to create a custom plan for your needs. Just send us an email.

What payment methods do you support?

You can pay by credit card or Paypal.

More questions? Send us an email.

Packed, but still light


Playful emojis for instant happiness.

Read more


A classic 5 star scale. Great for CSAT and CES.

Read more

Thumbs up / down

A simple like/dislike rating with thumbs or emojis.

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Every device

Scales and works on every device.


Bring the emojis to life with the animated version.

Follow-up question

Optional open follow-up question to get detailed feedback.


Customize the look and feel of the widget.


Display a feedback button, pop the widget open or show it inline.

No cookies

Everything works without the use of cookies.

Device targeting

Choose to display on desktop, tablet and/or phone.


Receive new respones in Slack, Discord or by email.

Device info

See what device and platform responses were submitted from.


Trigger it based on time or scroll, or open the widget with code.

URL filter

Display the widget based on the url, for example only on /pricing.


Fast and lightweight, doesn't impact your page load.

Silky smooth

Small and delightful animations with attention to detail.

Open and close the widget programmatically at the right moment in the customer journey.


Connect incoming feedback to your own application.

Custom fields

Pass custom data to every response, like a user ID or an email address.


The widget size is under 100kb and loads after your page is ready.

Key metrics

An overview of the key metrics and scores.

Trend analysis

Graph view of your customer sentiment over time.

Comment and URL search

Filter comments and URLs in seconds.

Response emails

Get an email when your survey receives a response.


See which URL the feedback came from.


Invite team members to the dashboard.

Data export

Your data is yours. All feedback can always be exported.

Survey Summary

Get a weekly summary of your survey's key stats.