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Product Design

Incorporating user feedback in your design process is invaluable. Understand how to improve your designs, products and features by getting insights directly from the source.

Freddy Feedback

Understand what your users want, think and feel

Feature feedback examples

There is no replacement for users telling you what they think. Get insights based on real user feedback.

Informed decisions

Our dashboard gives you all the information in one simple view. Sort, segment and view trends easily.

Prototype or production

Run surveys in a development (user testing) or production (live user feedback) environment.

For any workflow

From analyzing comments to webhook automation: it's all insights on auto-pilot.

A focus on the experience of your users

No distractions

A question and the option to pick a score. That's it. Designed to keep the focus on getting feedback from your users, nothing else.

Emoji survey widget
Emoji survey widget


Choose a custom emoji
Delight your users

Don't settle for outdated designs. Give your users a beautiful and friendly experience that fits your brand.



Get laser focussed feedback

Trigger the widget at the right place and the right moment and get feedback down to the feature level.

Survey triggers
A branded experience

It's your product and your brand. So why add a widget that lets your customers leave your website? We never show a 'Powered by' label on our widget.

Plus you can pick from multiple themes and set your own brand colors. Add everyting together and you've got the most native looking feedback widget you'll ever find.

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Feedback on feature level

Example widget
Zoom in and improve

Introduced a new feature? From the smallest change to a product-changing feature, it can be incredibly insightful to ask your users feedback focussed on one specific feature or interaction.


This is how you would typically set up feedback on feature level:

  • Define your question, for example: Can users find their API key better in the new flow?
  • Set up a survey (takes only a few minutes)
  • Launch with the survey and keep an eye on incoming feedback (via Slack or email)
  • Typically you'll have your feature/UX/design validated within 1 to 4 weeks
  • Learn, share and repeat 😃
The dashboard will get you the insights you need

In the dashboard you can search, segment and see all feedback in a simple overview with some powerful features. Make user driven and user inspired decisions faster than ever.


Screen capture

Let your customers take a screen capture and use a pen tool to indicate what their feedback is about.

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Slack integration

Receive survey responses directly in Slack and share them with your design and product team.

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Custom fields

Enrich responses with relevant data like a feature name, user ID or an email address.

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  custom_fields: {
    user_id: 42,
    email: ""

More information

Every user journey, interface and business need is different. We've been around the block on the topic of user feedback, so feel free to send us an email if you have any questions on implementation or features.

Otherwise, feel free to sign up and get started. No credit card is required, and you can try it completely free first.

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Improve your product based on user feedback

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