Slack integration

Receive customer feedback responses directly in Slack.

Be on top of feedback

When feedback comes in real time, you'll never miss important insights to improve your product and content with.




Device info

Link to dashboard

Screen capture (if submitted)

Customer feedback in Slack

Direct visual feedback

If you enabled Screen Capture and a customer has submitted one, you'll see these directly in the Slack notification.

Share with your team

Use a public or private channel so the relevant teams can be monitoring customer feedback coming in. This is how our customers use the integration:

Feature feedback

Let feedback come into a private product design team channel and have product designers and UX researchers discuss feedback in real time.

Documentation feedback

Let feedback come into a private docs team channel so documentation and technical writers know what content to improve.

Dashboard feedback

Let feedback come into a public channel so your whole startup can directly see when customers get stuck.

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