Survey insights

A simple yet powerful overview to turn your customer's feedback into actionable insights.


Key statistics

The first thing you'll see when you open a survey are the key statistics that give a high level overview of how you're doing. It shows the average score, response and comment acounts and the breakdown of the score.

Key statistics


An overview of all responses that your visitors and customers have submitted.


Instantly filter comments on a keyword. You can do this for both comments and for the URLs that customers submitted their feedback from.


Share insightful responses directly with your team.


Note that these responses are computer generated text 😃

The full context
Freddy Feedback dashboard
Custom fields

Attach custom data to responses.

Device info

Helps with troubleshooting.

Source URL

See where the feedback came from.


Delight your users by responding quickly.

Screen capture

Let your customers take a screen capture and use a pen tool to indicate what their feedback is about.

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The sidebar is used for quickly filtering the responses.

Score filter

Instantly filter out responses based on score.


Filter both on score 1 and score 5. This way you can read through the comments and get a good grasp of what negative and positive comments are mentioning.



Get a grip on how changes are impacting your customer experience by viewing the progress of the average score and the number of responses over time.

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Summary Email

Get a weekly summary via email with an update of the new responses and comments.

Survey summary email

Response Email

Receive an email whenever someone submits a response.

Survey summary email

Slack integration

Receive responses directly in Slack and share them with your team.

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Advanced settings

Advanced Settings

Use our powerful advanced features to close the customer feedback loop on auto pilot.

Custom Fields

Add custom fields to attach any custom data to responses like an email address or user ID. Read more about custom fields in this blog post.


Connect incoming feedback to your application or built automation with Zapier.

Local testing mode

Test your survey locally before deploying to production.

Understand your customers better

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