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Category: surveys

Cooldown logic

When a user closed the widget or submitted a response, you'll often don't want to show the survey to that same user withing a certain period of time. To do this, use cooldown logic.

Cooldown type

You can choose between URL based and Survey based. This is an important setting because it impacts the experience for the user.

URL based

Let's say that you have one survey that you put on your blog. If you set the cooldown type to URL based and the user visits blog post 1 and closes the widget (or submits a response), that widget will not show up anymore for blog post 1 until the number of days you've chosen (see below).

Then, the user visits blog post 2. The same survey will still show up, because the cooldown was only applied to the URL of blog post 1, not blog post 2.

So this setting is useful if you have one survey across multiple things of the same category like you have with blog posts and documentation.

Survey based

Let's say that you have one survey that you put on your user dashboard on the reports page. There, users can view many different reports that all have a different URL. You want to get feedback on these reports.

What you would like to happen here is that the survey shows up the first time the user visits any report, but once the user closes the widget or submits a response, the survey should not again show up for all the other report types. That would be annoying!

So this setting is useful you have one survey across multiple pages but you only want to show it to users once and when they close it (or submit a response, see the info below) they survey will not show up again across all the pages.

Cooldown after close

This is the setting for when a users closes the widget using the close button (the X icon in the top right of the widget) and didn't submit a response. It might be that the user was doing something else and closed the widget, or the user is not interested in responding.

The cooldown after close setting makes sure that the survey doesn't show up after the user closed it. You can set the amount of days you want the survey to stay hidden to this user.

Because a user can have many different reasons for closing the survey, you'll typically set this towards the lower end, so 1, 3 or 1 week.

No cooldown after close for side sticky and inline widgets

Because these widgets embed in your website in a way that the user can't close them, there is no cooldown after close setting for these widgets.

Cooldown after response

This is the setting for when a user submits a response. Because this is a very clear action, you'll typically set this towards the higher end, so 1 week, 2 weeks, 30 days or maybe even 90 days.

What is a good cooldown period?

This depends on your use case. If you need help defining the right cooldown period just get in touch and we'll be happy to help.

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