New response design

Published on the 22nd of November 2020

The new response design offers device information, a better layout for custom fields and sharing options.

The responses are the core part of the dashboard. It shows the feedback that users submitted and you can easily search through comments or filter them based on the score the a user submitted.

These responses are now even more useful with a new design and additional information.

The new response design

The response menu

All the new features

  • You can see the user's device information for easier troubleshooting
  • The custom fields key names are displayed so you can directly see relevant information
  • You can share a response via Slack, or simply copy the comment so you can share or use it somewhere else
  • Responses can be deleted (mostly useful for preview responses that you've submitted to test your survey)

User agent information in webhooks

The user agent information that you see in the response, as well as each piece of that information separately, is included in each webhook. Read the webhook documentation for more information.

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