Why our widget doesn't have a Powered By label

Published on the 16th of September 2020

Everyone that uses an external product or service on their website knows the "Powered by" label. At Freddy Feedback we decided to not display this label on our widget.

Why not?

We believe in the power of design and great user experience. In our opinion, displaying such a label degrades both of these.

Just look at how beautifully minimal this is for your users:

Also, and maybe this is just us, we never understood how you can charge customers hundreds of dollars a month and then show a label that only benefits your own company instead of your customer's user experience.

But what about growth?

We're in this for the long run, and we want to grow our business with some core principles that we believe in. As mentioned, two of those are great design and a delightful user experience. We rather do things right and grow slower.

What if you're wrong?

A crystal ball is on the roadmap, but we haven't figured out how to build it yet. If anyone has an API that would be appreciated!

Until then, there is a chance that we do another blog post where we explain that we changed course on this topic.

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