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Category: installation

Testing the widget using the URL parameter

You can test the widget by simply adding a parameter to the URL where your widget is installed.

Please note: this is only to test your widget your the website that you've entered for the survey. If you want to test the widget locally (for example on http://localhost), please read the documentation on local testing mode.

After you've installed your widget, you can add ?freddywidget=test to the URL. By doing this, the following will happen:

Responses are not stored

You can submit responses but they will not be stored.

The widget will always be shown directly

Even if you've set it to be triggered after a certain amount of seconds, after a certain amount of scroll or programmatically, with the URL parameter the widget will always be triggered directly.

Cooldown logic is bypassed

If you've set cooldown logic, meaning you won't see the widget for X days after you submitted a response and/or closed it, this will be ignored. This is done so you'll always see the widget when using the testing URL parameter.

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